Pelosi Attempts To Rouse Pro-Abortion Rights Protesters And It Backfires

In the wake of the SCOTUS draft opinion being leaked last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been grandstanding and calling out for Americans with “righteous anger” to “march and mobilize.”

The protesters seemed to hear the call, but not the message as they ended up right outside of Pelosi’s personal residence.

“A small group of pro-choice protesters picketed in front of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence, condemning Pelosi and her party as ‘complicit’ in the potential reversal of Roe v. Wade (1973), after a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion suggested the Court is on the verge of striking down the abortion precedent,” stated a report from Fox News.

“We are here because the Democratic Party and the Democrats as a whole have been complicit in this whole thing,” screamed out a woman via a bullhorn, as reported by the outlet. “She and others lined up behind a banner reading ‘abortion on demand and without apology!’ They also carried signs with the faces of the five Republican-appointed Court justices who reportedly supported the draft opinion, with the word ‘LIAR’ over their heads.”

This result does not seem to be what Pelosi intended when, on Monday, she exclaimed: “While we have seen and heard extraordinary anguish in our communities,” going on to add that “we have been moved by how so many have channeled their righteous anger into meaningful action: planning to march and mobilize to make their voices heard.”

“We are here because this draft decision is what it is, it’s only a draft, and we will protest here, in front of the leadership of the Democratic Party, and in the streets from coast to coast, unceasingly, because we work to keep abortion legal – legal and accessible, not rare,” stated the speaker.

Quite a few protesters have shown up to demonstrate in front of the homes of the conservative justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, including that of Justice Alito, who originally authored the now leaked draft opinion. Quite a few Republicans have hurled criticisms at the White House and Old Uncle Joe for calling for the escalation of these protests.

“None of these Democrats care. Joe Biden won’t condemn it. The White House won’t condemn the leak. Instead, they sit back and say, ‘Oh, isn’t that interesting,’” claimed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). “These thugs have no business at the private homes of any government official, these Supreme Court justices or anyone else.”

In a social media post on Twitter, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) stated: “We can’t tolerate intimidation as a political tool It’s 1 thing to peacefully demonstrate & another to undermine institutions like SCOTUS+harass justices at home bc of a decision u might not like And ANYONE making threats of violence should be arrested & prosecuted.”

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