New Approval Poll Shows Biden Still Doing Unsurprisingly Bad

Just a little more than 40% of the American people stood in approval of Old Uncle Joe throughout his fifth quarter holding office, highlighted a recent poll from Gallup that was made public on Friday.

As seen between January 20th and April 19th, just an average of about 41.3% of the American public “approved of the job he was doing as president,” reported Gallup. “The latest average is essentially unchanged from the 41.7% in his fourth quarter but significantly lower than his first three quarterly averages.”

Gallup highlighted that the horrid polling from the past few months follows “a trying late summer and early fall 2021,” making sure to note the horribly botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and the skyrocketing rate of inflation. With the exception of former President Donald Trump, there has never been a former commander-in-chief in recent memory that has shown a worse performance throughout the fifth quarter of their administration than Old Uncle Joe.

During this, a survey put out by Gallup in the front half of April managed to uncover the fact that just over 56% of Americans stood in disapproval “of the way Biden is handling his job as president.”

The polling is quite likely a bad sign for the Democrats as they make their way into their midterm elections. “Typically, unpopular presidents’ parties have lost seats in midterm elections, with the number of seats lost usually much higher for presidents with job approval ratings below 50%,” stated Gallup. “While it is possible that Biden’s job approval could increase between now and the fall elections, doing so would go against the historical pattern for second-year presidents.”

“As things stand, given the strong link between presidential job approval ratings and how the president’s party performs in midterm elections, Biden appears likely to be governing with Republican majorities in one or both houses of Congress next year unless his rating dramatically improves,” the polling group went on.

The main that that has Democrats scared is the deteriorating support from demographics that were previously firmly seated within the Democrat corner.

Quinnipiac put forth its own nationwide poll that had its results made public earlier in April and puts Biden’s approval rating throughout the Hispanic community at a dismal 26%, a plummet from where it sat at over 69% as he took the office. One possible reason for this could be Hispanics increasing worries over inflation and the crisis taking place along the Southern border.

“Biden’s handling of the border may yield the most surprising data coming out of border states such as Texas,” stated The Hill in a report. “More than 50 percent of registered Latino voters there disapprove of the administration’s handling of the border. And as you may recall, Biden tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to handle the border crisis, but she has been almost entirely apathetic on this front.”

As of late, Hispanic voters are now almost perfectly split between the Republicans and the Democrats, read a report from Fox News.

“Nothing has happened that was promised,” stated government and businesses consultant Bertica Cabrera Morris to Fox Digital. “I think the country is more divided than normal. It was divided during Obama, then during Trump, and now again — it’s not going in the right direction. It’s not the right leader.”

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