Maxine Waters Campaign Donations SINK Deeper than the Titanic

Talk about failures! Maxine Waters shows time and again that she’s not exactly fit to be in the position she’s in and now the people she claims to fight for are seeing the forest for the trees. While many Democratic figures can garner a lot of donations even from out of state forces (see Jon Ossoff) there’s apparently no love for Waters. Her campaign has garnered $2,500 from PACs it’s first quarter and then not even $100,000 during the second.

To top it all off, the campaign apparently OWES Waters’ DAUGHTER $99,362. See the full campaign filing here.

Karen is in charge of the campaign’s “slate mailer,” or endorsement mailer, operation that has proved lucrative for the campaign by raising hundreds of thousands in donations from other candidates’ committees in exchange for placement on a mailer sent out to constituents in California. …

Karen Waters pulled in more than $650,000 from her mother’s campaign since first running the operation. At the end of the first quarter, the Waters campaign marked a $108,000 debt to Karen for her services.

Karen was paid $8,500 of that debt in the past three months and is still owed $99,000 from the campaign, according to the most recent filings.

Throughout the 2016 election cycle, Waters pulled in more than $300,000 from the operation. Slate mailers, which are common in California, have come under heavy scrutiny in the past.

As written for The Daily Wire by Joseph Curl:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Californiastan) has made impeaching President Donald Trump her No. 1 goal. No, she’s not bothering to help fix the quickly failing Obamacare, to cut taxes for the middle class or to unburden Americans from excessive regulations.

Nope, she just wants to overturn the fair and free election in which Trump clobbered her party’s nominee, the ever-more-sad Hillary Clinton.

She gives speeches weekly calling for her colleagues to drum Trump out of office. And, of course, she’s always got an outstretched hand, looking for cash so she can continue to be a career politician — even at 78 years old (retire already!).

Trump-Hating Maxine Waters Pulls Down Just $22,000 In Campaign Donations

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