Socialist Sanders Jump’s on the Bash Hillary Train [VIDEO]

First, they were at odds, both running for the Democratic Presidental Ticket… once that was over there was a loose partnership forged in the hopes that at least one of them would win. Then she went and talked Sanders in her new book, What Happened, she states that the democratic socialist borrowed her policy ideas and added a progressive twist to them.

That doesn’t sit very well with ol’ Bernie Sanders. He took to the airs to give his two cents on that little “fact” from Clinton’s new book.

In her book, she writes, “No matter how bold and progressive my policy proposals were…Bernie would come out with something even bigger, loftier, and leftier — regardless of whether it was realistic or not,” Clinton writes. She goes on to tell about an inside joke within her top aides during the campaign and compared Sanders and his proposals to a scene in the movie “There’s Something About Mary” where a “deranged hitchhiker” was coming up with a way to improve on the “eight-minute abs” routine by creating “seven-minute abs” “It’s the same, just quicker,” writes Clinton.

To this, Sanders says, “Bernie Sanders just stole all of Hillary Clinton’s ideas!” said Sanders, offering an interpretation of Clinton’s book.

“Does anybody really believe that?” he asked. “The truth is, and the real story is that the ideas we brought forth during that campaign, which was ‘so crazy and so radical,’ have increasingly become mainstream.”

“So what I’m saying here…is that many of the ideas that we are talking about that Secretary Clinton and others said, ‘oh, those are too far out,’ they are the ideas that are sweeping America, that most Americans now support,” Sanders told Hayes.

I don’t agree with the man’s political points but what do you think? Are they just two sides of the same coin or did Sanders just follow suit hoping to get the bid over Clinton?


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