When Disaster Strikes from Hurricanes it’s Because They’re What?

Hurricane Irma is set to be one of the strongest, if not THE strongest, hurricane to have formed in the Atlantic. Its path of destruction will tear through the islands and most likely parts of Florida the likes of which even Hurricane Mathew failed to do. Now, a study by the National Academy of Sciences claims that Irma’s rage will not be the result of the 180+ mile per hour winds, earthquake alerts, flooding, and even off-shoot storms… but instead because we’re all a bunch of sexist pigs!

Join me in prayer for these obviously wayward souls. Seriously, where do they come up with this crap? It’s asinine, to say the least. There is an actual system in place for the names of hurricanes and these “researchers” are reaching really far with their “study”.

I know it’s late… but I need a taco and a beer after this one. I’ll be right back.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Because we’re sexist, we perceive the hurricanes to have different “personalities” or characteristics in line with our stereotypical views of the opposite sex. Women are weaker, more nurturing, less terrifying, for example, so, trusting in our own misogyny, we often underestimate hurricanes like Irma, and fail to adequately prepare.

When it comes to male hurricanes, our innate fear of the Patriarchy kicks in, we presume we’ll be flattened, and we board up our doors and windows, load up our cars, and hike it to less water-logged places in the U.S.

“These experiments show that gender-congruent perceptions of intensity and strength are responsible for male-named hurricanes being perceived as riskier and more intense than female-named hurricanes,” the authors claim.

The study’s authors say they collected data from 94 hurricanes that hit the U.S. sometime in the last half century, between 1950 and 2012. Male hurricanes caused an average of 15 deaths per hurricane; female hurricanes caused more than 40 deaths, on average.