Did A Hot Mic Catch A Mystery Voice Telling The Las Vegas Sheriff Not To Not Say Too Much? [Video]

During a press conference regarding the Las Vegas mass shootings, am off-camera voice can be heard telling Sheriff Joe Lombardo “Don’t go there.”.

This, in response to a question by a reporter who asked if a car had been set up for the shooter to escape.

The sheriff’s whole attitude changed as a result of this and during the press conference that became very clear. With so many conspiracy theories about the shooting swirling around the internet, one has to wonder if the off-camera voice was simply making a statement to just not even bother or as some would have you believe… is there something more devious at play?

Me? Probably just not wanting to feed into the internet troll engine.


As reported by Benjamin Arie for Conservative Tribune:

Immediately after this quiet audio is heard, the sheriff’s demeanor changes rapidly. He appears immediately agitated and defensive and chastises the reporter for asking a completely logical and relevant question.

It should be pointed out that investigators have already admitted that alleged shooter Stephen Paddock may have intended to escape the hotel after the deadly incident, and had a plan in place to do just that.

With that fact already known, it seems very bizarre for law enforcement to push back against a reporter for simply asking about a car that may have been part of that escape plan.


It is absolutely plausible that a reporter inadvertently stumbled upon a key part of Paddock’s escape plan… or even a new element of the case that has so far been hidden from the public.

If nothing else, the high number of inconsistencies and strange elements are causing the American people to lose faith in law enforcement.

There are legitimate reasons to withhold information during an investigation, but enough time has passed and so many questions remain that investigators should start seriously re-thinking their apparent strategy of vagueness.