Crazy Pelosi Talking Out Of Both Sides Of Her Mouth Again [Video]

Sign… Nancy Pelosi is always looking for anyone who will listen to her anti-Trump rhetoric but who is listening anymore?

Here, she responds to a question about Trump’s executive order on health care saying “the court of public opinion is the wisest court that there is.”

“Well, I’m not even sure what he did yesterday was legal. There will be others who will question that in the courts, but in the meantime, we have a way to remedy — I use that word specifically — to remedy what is needed for the good health of the American people. And it’s about the American people. That is, the court of public opinion is the wisest court that there is.”

She then basically lectured the “court of public opinion” on how they need to be more educated about the order…

“And I respect the president; he is the President of the United States. I respect the job that he holds, the position that he holds. I respect the people who voted for him. I’m glad they voted. I’m just happy when people vote. But I do want them to know what it means in their lives when he goes off on a spiteful, cruel [toot] to diminish their access to affordable care. And this isn’t about just people of lower income — but they do suffer. It’s about the middle-class being the hardest hit in all of this, and the taxpayer having to pay the price.”

And so I’ll ask it again, who is listening to her still? Is this a rating for someone? Sure, we here on the conservative side easily get a kick out whatever she’s spewing but that’s entirely because we see the forest for the trees.

How in the world were these people not calling her out on this?

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