Alex Jones Gets Doused With Coffee in Seattle But There’s One Problem [Video]

Alex Jones took on the mean streets (lol) of Seattle today via Periscope and yelled at people, lol. Then one guy walked up to him and unloaded an entire thermos of coffee on him… except… was it genuine?

The original story seen below has a lot of holes in it. Here is one of the holes.

As reported by Mediaite:

The 14-minute video starts with Jones ranting on a gray Seattle sidewalk about USA Today’s coverage of Thursday’s terror attacks in Barcelona, Spain.

But before long, pedestrians noticed the portly man with his trademark gruff, and one young passerby flipped Jones off. This triggered a boiling rage in the YouTube conspiracist, who chased the pedestrian across the street, as the young man continued to taunt him.

The two exchanged a couple of “f**k yous,” before Jones abandoned his efforts to “expose” the pedestrian and walked away. He then approached another man on a bench, telling him “they’re trying to plunge the stock market, flood us with jihadis, we’re trying to get our country back.”

As Written By Aaron Bandler for the Daily Wire:

Conspiracy theory savant Alex Jones was doused with coffee from a random man as he was strolling the streets of Seattle on Friday.

Jones used Periscope to rant about how the media covered the Barcelona terror attacks while walking through Seattle. Naturally, people recognized the nutty conspiracy theorist and threw shade at him, which Jones did not take kindly to.

One of the moments that went viral was when some male shouted “You’re trash!” at Jones as he was walking, prompting Jones to furiously shout back at him, “Come tell me on camera! Come here, coward!”

WATCH Seattle Man Douse Alex Jones With Coffee | Daily Wire