THE 4th Of July Firework FAIL Of The Year!

Mike Tingley of Grand Blanc Township, Michigan has probably earned the biggest and best fail for 4th of July fireworks… simply put, dude burned down his entire garage!! It sucks but we gotta laugh a little, right?

Tingley was attempting “something with a smoke bomb” and bees when the situation quickly got out of his control and ended up setting off his stock of fireworks.

Thankfully his wife, child, and he were not harmed during the incident… else we couldn’t laugh at it.

You can see the damage that was caused here.

As written for The Daily Caller by Ford Springer:

A man by the name of Mike Tingley burned down his entire garage after trying to use fireworks to get rid of a bees’ nest over the long holiday weekend in Grand Blanc Township, Michigan.

“The homeowner was doing something with a smoke bomb trying to get a bees nest out of the garage,” Grand Blanc Fire Chief, Bob Burdette told reporters after the incident.

Tingley’s smoke bomb technique quickly escalated out of his control setting off a fireworks show a day ahead of schedule on July 3. Luckily Tingley, his wife and his daughter weren’t harmed in the accident at their home.

Michigan Man Earns Firework Fail Of The 4th For This Idiotic Move

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