Conservative Twitter Accounts See Heightened Engagement and More Followers After Musk Announcement

The very same day that Elon Musk stated that he had finalized an agreement with Twitter in order to buy the company for a sum of $44 billion, many conservative users reported that they started to see big increases in their follower counts and overall engagement.

One of the top contributing factors that motivated Musk to purchase Twitter was his issue with their censorship and suppression of speech across the platform. Over the past two weeks, as musk continued to push his bid to purchase the company, he has indicated that one of the main things he plans to do will be reversing the draconian content-moderation policies and changing algorithms that could be unfairly going after certain tweets and accounts based upon their particular political viewpoints.

Changes that are cascading across Twitter starting back on Monday evening and now into Tuesday morning, seem to highlight the idea that the CEO of Tesla has finalized a formal deal with Twitter as the social media titan seems to have already started to take steps more in a direction that addresses the concerns from Musk through a more behind the scenes method. “Anyone else feel like the algorithm that suppressed accounts/speech that Twitter didn’t like got removed today,” questioned Tim Young, a conservative columnist and comedian.

As stated by the founder of popular social media analytics platform Bot Sentinel, Christopher Bouzy, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis shot up by well over 100k followers in the wake of Musk’s release. In the same vein, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) both 4experienced a spike of well over 50k followers.

“I can understand Left-leaning accounts deciding to close their accounts after the Elon Musk news, but why the sudden significant increase in Republican followers? This is not normal,” stated Bouzy before going on to add, “I really would like a Twitter spokesperson to explain this.”

Many other quite popular accounts that sit on the right side of the politicla spectrum also reported large jumps in their follower counts. Zuby, a conservative rapper, claimed that he went up by almost 11k followers in a little over 24 hours and that his posts are now getting far more engagement than he was previously seeing before the buyout. “It’s been a LONG TIME since one of my tweets was ‘allowed’ to reach 100k likes. My account has been throttled for 2 years,” he stated.

On the other hand, the accounts of quite a few known liberals started to see their odd success flatten out as they started to lose followership. For example, Mark Hamill, of Star Wars acclaim, claimed to have a drop of well over 8k followers in the wake of Musk and Twitter finalizing their agreement. Additionally, Neera Tanden also claimed a 1k follower loss.

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