Watch Trump Supporters Give California Democrats A Taste Of Their Own Townhall ‘Medicine’ [Video]

Pro-Trumpers shut down California’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, during a forum at Whittier College and it was magnificent!

They were shouting things like “Americans first” and “obey our laws” among other things. In essence, giving the alt-left, and Antifa, a taste of its own medicine except… they kept it non-violent!

Aggressive, yes, but not violent and that’s the key. These Antifa kids really don’t know how to protest if you ask me and their violence is escalating with many speculating it may actually result in some sort of civil war.

Check out the first video below.

Californians, in many ways, have stated that they will ignore the immigration laws and give haven to anyone. That’s insane… we have a process and path to citizenship and ultimately aiding and abetting those here illegally is a spit in the face to those who did it the right way, to those who worked hard to prove that they will be true assets to this country.

As reported by Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

If they were just seeking to disrupt, then yes. But it is doubtful that these kinds of aggressive disruptions actually help the political agenda they’re seeking to spread.

Stanley Kurtz at National Review outlined the conservative argument against such protests and why they can be counter-productive:

Whether these disruptors were students or not, this is a very bad sign. Commentators both right and left have warned leftist campus disruptors that they are endangering their own rights by shouting down others. That kind of danger may be hard to take seriously on campuses where the left clearly dominates. Yet in a deeply divided country, the end of free speech for some could easily cascade into chaos, conflict, and the end of freedom for all.

These Pro-Trump disruptors may not have been students, but their methods and message could spread. If we don’t stop the epidemic of shout-downs now, chaos and civil conflict may follow someday soon.