Sarah Sanders Details Her Experiences As A Woman In The White House

With quite a few allegations, and some resignations, coming from Democrats in power it should come as no surprise that Liberals everywhere are constantly trying to remind us of what Donald Trump said 10+ years ago, as a regular citizen and a celebrity, in what has often been labeled as simple “locker room talk”.

Indeed, they do this because many of them stay stuck in the past. Of course when any of us try to bring up the past of ANY that they back they fight it with all their might… too bad they won’t fight that hard for what’s right.

Instead, they’ll fight to allow anyone to use any restroom and for freedom of speech as long as they agree with it.

Even Al Franken, during his speech where he details his forthcoming resignation, deflected any resemblance of personal responsibility and pointed a finger or two at President Trump’s past. Pathetic…

Don’t get me wrong… if I truly though Trump was a creepy dude I wouldn’t have voted for him. But we all have a past, right? Surely, especially in the light of these allegations, even liberals can attest to that.

So when a reporter asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders a rather broad question wherein the idea was how are women treated in the White House, she told the reporter EXACTLY what it was like.

“So my question to you, then, more broadly, is on this moment that we find ourselves in, frankly, of a national reckoning when it comes to sexual harassment,” NBC’s Hallie Jackson said.

“And so in, again, a broad 30,000-foot way, does the president believe that he has a credible role in leading this conversation? And can you speak to the specific steps this White House has taken to make sure the women who work here feel like they are in a comfortable environment to talk about these things?”

“I mean, I think that the president treats — certainly, as a woman myself, I’ve never felt anything but treated with the highest level of respect and been empowered to do my job,” Sanders told Jackson.

“And I think that’s what I’ve seen the president do, day in and day out, since we’ve been here and during the campaign. And so I think that’s a pretty good start and a pretty good example on that front.”

Jackson pushed on, of course…

A lot of workplaces are having sessions, they’re having seminars,” she said.

“Are you guys doing that here? Are you talking about, in recent days, what people in this work environment can do? Are you taking –“

“There are certainly White House policies that we are reminded of,” Sanders said. “And I think all of us expect each person to live up and to meet those policies, and to not cross a line that is not only not legal but not appropriate or not ethical.”

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