REVEALED: The Memo The Russian Lawyer Took To The Trump Tower Meeting With Don Jr

When Trump Jr. agreed to meet Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya on June 9th of last year, he was seemingly under the pretense of having dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Now, the alleged memo, which is four pages long and has been the central focus of an investigation, is set to be released.

Among the pages of the memo is a reference to contributions to the Clinton campaign by the Ziff brothers, a group of investors.

As reported by Chuck Ross for The Daily Caller:

The document, and the meeting, have become a focus for congressional and federal investigators looking into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government. The meeting has raised questions about collusion because Trump Jr. accepted it after an acquaintance contacted him promising that a “Russian government attorney” would provide damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

“If it’s what you say I love it,” Trump Jr. said when offered the Clinton dirt.

Veselnitskaya’s memo, which Foreign Policy obtained from a Russian news station that recently interviewed the lawyer, suggests that little information about Clinton was provided to the Trump campaign.

One reference is made of Clinton in the memo regarding campaign contributions from the Ziff Brothers, a group of investors who Veselnitskaya claims were in cahoots with William Browder, a London-based financier who lobbied heavily for passage of the Magnitsky Act.


Akhmetshin, the Russian-American lobbyist who accompanied Veselnitskaya to the meeting, testified before a federal grand jury convened by Mueller on Aug. 11. Akhmetshin, a former Soviet military officer and well-known Beltway operative, is believed by some U.S. officials have maintaining ties to Russian government officials.

There has been some speculation that the meeting is loosely described in the infamous anti-Trump dossier written last year by former British spy Christopher Steele. The dossier, commissioned by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, alleges that the Trump team exchanged information with Russian operatives about Clinton.

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