President Trump’s Biggest Threat Revealed

President Donald Trump has continued to face obstacles and discourse in here not-even-200 days in office. One road block or false report after another and unfortunately some of this can easily be traced back to his own party; the Republican Party.

Chief among this are the seven Senate members who have refused repeal Obamacare, effectively breaking a lot of Republican hopes and dreams of a fairer healthcare system.

There’s a lot of unresolved problems in the GOP today which this, among many other topics, has shown. The 2016 election was a very hard and difficult road for them with so many running for the nomination; it may be no wonder that there’s this much discourse and an underlying fact that President Trump’s win on both those fronts MUST redefine the party on the whole.

Many “on the hill” seem to be acting like Democrats in the way that they just can’t come to terms and agreements with one another. But in regards to President Donald Trump it’s clear that the bulk of his promises and his actions rest in a solid and traditional Republican principle.

As reported by The Washington Times:

Reaching the 200-day mark of his presidency, Donald Trump is getting resistance not just from the Democrats and their enablers in the liberal media, but from members of his own party who refuse to give the president a major legislative victory.

The seven Senate Republicans who refused to vote for a straight Obamacare repeal bill during the health care debate broke a promise to the American people while joining the resistance to their own president. Their defections completely stalled the health care reform process in Congress, even as insurance companies continue to exit the individual insurance markets in counties and states around the country.

Now comes the news that a number of GOP senators have been traveling to battleground states and testing the waters to run for president in 2020 against Mr. Trump. The New York Times even made the outrageous suggestion that Vice President Mike Pence was himself was preparing for a possible 2020 run against the man who selected him.

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