President Trump Just Saw What Was Waiting For Him if He Fired Robert Mueller

The Democrats are trying to play the game with one of the great businessmen of our country and I think they’re quickly finding that they’re going to be left wanting. I feel President Donald Trump has a plan and that plan has a backup plan and that plan has a backup plan… you tell me?

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Obama bots disguised as “intelligence” professionals have been laying lethal traps for the president since last summer culminating in the Mueller Trap. This could be the most deadly.

Last July as Donald Trump walked off with the Republican presidential nomination, slithery Obama pal and then-CIA director John Brennan secretly sicced the FBI on him. Brennan testified to the House Intel Committee in May that he didn’t know what was said in the “contacts” he alleged he found between Trump associates and the Russians. Though he didn’t name the Russians or the Trump people, he was so alarmed by fill-in-the-blank that he got the FBI to start a counterintelligence investigation. Really? It was a trap founded on no actual evidence, but a trap whose jaws are snapping to this day.

Brennan alerted James Comey and his FBI to latch onto Carter Page, a minor Trump spokesman and sometime campaign advisor. Page was useful to the Obama bots because he knew some actual Russians. Oh, the horror. He knew Russians because he had lived and worked in Moscow for years as a Merrill Lynch investment banker and made a few speeches there unconnected to Trump.

Page’s Russian “ties” gave the FBI the wormhole they needed to dig out a warrant from the FISA court to wiretap Page as a possible “foreign agent.” Another trap; this one clearly fabricated to catch Page talking to candidate Trump or his top campaign advisors so the Obama/Clinton/DNC axis could know what they were up to. Remember when Trump said Obama was wiretapping him and everybody laughed? Yeah.

The most lurid and spy-thriller-esque trap was the so-called “dossier” paid for according to news reports by a Democrat Hillary booster who hired shadowy pro-Dem dirt-gathering firm Fusion GPS to pay former British spy Christopher Steele to search Trump’s alleged Russian ties. Steele’s infamous report includes revelations from big-talkers he identifies as such eyeball-rolling sources as “a senior Kremlin official” and a “senior Russian financial official.” These breathless allegations by unknowns plus some pervy nonsense about Trump’s behavior on a 2013 visit to Moscow actually convinced James Comey to unleash the FBI to investigate the president-elect.

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