Newt Has A Message for Those Dissing Trump Over Democrat Deal

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich went on the defensive for President Donald Trump and his budget deal with Democrats

“Sure. I think you set up two good questions. Would I feel a bit irritated if I was Speaker Ryan? Yes. Would I cut the deal if I were President Trump? Yes. Both are true.”

“I think trump saw a situation with everything he just saw in Houston, now looking at what’s coming in Florida, and I think his feeling was, we’ve gotta get some movement in Washington. “We spent eight months and we didn’t get big things done. I’m gonna cut a deal with somebody, I’m gonna get something done this week. I’m gonna get the money to Houston, and to do that I’ve got to get the debt ceiling taken care of,” and he cut a 90-day deal…I don’t think this is some gigantic earthquake…”

“This is a one-time deal. For the president, it’s a very smart deal. It gets momentum the first week back. It changes the tone. It gets the money to Houston, and it postpones the big fight over the debt ceiling for 90 days. And I think the president’s attitude is, who knows what’s going to happen over 90 days?”

How do you feel about President Trump making this deal? I’ve kept up with it quite a bit and many of my fellow conservatives are entirely fine with it. The man, our President, is doing what needs to be done to get his job done; that seems to be a fairly common sentiment in this regard. But again how do you feel about it?

What do I know is we’re already, slowly but surely, starting to see a positive effect for POTUS in the approval rating polls. I think things like this are important for that. The President is surely draining the swamp and the American people are grateful for it.