How the Lamestream Media Bullied Fallon to Hate Trump

Former Saturday Night Live star and current The Tonight Show host has a pretty funny way of approaching a lot of subjects on his show. “The Fallon Method”, basically means everyone is free game, no-holds-bar, doesn’t care who you are… get ready for the prod!

Even when it comes to the President. He’ll treat him just as he would any other guest, with gags, giggles, and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, Fallon doesn’t constantly attack Trump and his presidency so his ratings are trailing with that of Stephen Colbert, who seems to make it a point to try and bring the President down a few notches every night…

And now, because of this, Fallon has begun a Trump-attack-method in a desperate hope to surge his ratings back to their former glory.

As Written By Christian Toto for Newsbusters:

Jimmy Fallon has a funny way of approaching his late night gig.

The former Saturday Night Live star thinks it’s all about making people laugh at the end of the day. It’s not divisive, or corrosive. The “Fallon” method treats guests like … guests. Politics are fair game, but it’s not what matters most.

Think lip sync contests and skits bound for viral glory. That was fine before presidential candidate Donald Trump sat on Fallon’s Tonight Show couch last September.

Everything changed at that point … for the media

Fallon didn’t just treat Trump like any other presidential contender during that interview. He “normalized” Trump, using the modern left’s parlance. No hardball questions. No outrage over Trump’s campaign antics. And he did the one thing that enraged liberals the most. Fallon playfully tousled Trump’s hair.

The horror, the horror.

What happened next? Liberals savaged Fallon for his actions.

And so did the mainstream media.

Many sites reported on the left’s outrage over the incident. That’s a convenient way of making a news story out of Twitter reactions that fit the liberal media’s agenda………


How the Media Bullied Jimmy Fallon Into Hating Trump