Here’s Why Trump’s New Welfare Plan Is Yet Another WIN!

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President Donald Trump has made a bold new move in regards to the welfare program / SNAP and it’s one for the books! Of course, liberals are already whining about it but it’s a plan that may just work!

Instead of straight, flat out, cards that allow people to go anything they want at their discretion, he wants to start providing welfare recipients with boxes, delivered to their doorstep.

This “food box” system sounds like another win to us! There’s HUGE abuse when it comes to the SNAP system and the plan alone has the potential of saving up to $17.2 billion by next year!

With more than 16 million homes on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) there’s no worry or want with the new proposed system. Essentially, it’ll be like a meal kit delivery service, a la Blue Apron, and will contain essentials that people need.

We’ve all seen the things posted to social media which showcase the insane abuse many put toward welfare, or heck we may even know a few people in our lives who do, so again this could be a win!

According to director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney:

“What we do is propose that, for folks who are on food stamps — part, not all — part of their benefits come in the actual sort of — and I don’t want to steal somebody’s copyright — but a Blue Apron-type program where you actually receive the food instead of receiving the cash.”

“It lowers the cost to us because we can buy prices at wholesale, whereas they have to buy it at retail,” he continued,  “It also makes sure that they’re getting nutritious food. So we’re pretty excited about that. That’s a tremendous cost savings.”

According to agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue the innovative plan would be boxing food grown by American farmers and producers.

“It maintains the same level of food value as SNAP participants currently receive, provides states flexibility in administering the program, and is responsible to the taxpayers.”

Liberals just can’t get behind anything Trump-approved even if it’s beneficial for the people or the system… if it has Trump’s stamp on it, forget it.


But let’s face it… this will dwindle down the huge amount of abuse on a very overburdened system.

Here’s hoping we can make it happen!