When Do You Finally Hold President Trump Accountable For His Words And Actions?

On the whole, I think President Donald Trump has done quite well. He’s kept several of his promises and there are still much more to come. But there are those, on either side of the aisle, that are not happy with most, perhaps many, of his moves.

Specifically, the latest DACA deal is being called out by many in the GOP and I’m sure there are plenty of you out there which may agree with them.

So the question now becomes, when do you finally hold President Trump accountable for his actions?

Believe it or not, I’m all for disagreements. I don’t believe you have to agree with everything your candidate says to find them worthy of your vote and any belief that you do is delusional. The important thing is their big picture and that’s where most of us agree with the POTUS.

The President even took to Twitter to back up his most recent DACA moves, stating “Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!…..”

Which left many of his supporters in the comments for this tweet to declare “yes” and many others stating that if it’s done right and they’re here legally they have no problem with DACA “kids” staying.

Even David Limbaugh wrote a piece of this very question for The Daily Wire.

“Well, Trump campaigned mostly as a conservative, and if the campaign showed him anything, it is that leftists — no matter what he may have learned living his entire life in liberal New York City — are his sworn enemies. If he hadn’t chosen sides before, he had no choice now. If he hadn’t been paying much attention to ideological issues before, he surely was learning now and becoming more conservative in the process.”


“Recently, however, Trump has given many of his supporters pause — including even some of the die-hardiest of the die-hards. Others in his camp are impervious to any evidence that Trump is faltering or is capable of it. Still others define what is good by whatever Trump does, just as some define what is bad by whatever he does, and those types are unreachable anyway.”


“I don’t want to rush to judgment and prefer to believe that Trump will quit going wobbly and make course adjustments back toward those who brought him to the dance. For the record, I happen to believe that those who brought him to the dance are essentially conservatives — not populists, racists or political cultists.”


“If Trump’s supporters don’t ever criticize him for fear of strengthening the position of his opponents, then he might just strengthen the position of his opponents on his own initiative. Trump is an old hand at business, but he is new at the game of politics, and the more constructive feedback he gets the better his governance will be.”

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