CNN May Have Crossed The Line With This Anti-Trump Statement

CNN Recently ran a story titled “Is the President all there?” — questioning his mental compacity. Try as they might, they still believe they can win viewers back with this sort of reporting.

From that story:

[T]he President of the United States is raising new questions about his temperament, his judgment and his understanding of the resonance of his global voice and the gravity of his role with a wild sequence of insults, inflammatory tweets and bizarre comments…

For years, Trump, living his life in the glare of the New York tabloids took refuge in convenient alternative truths, constructed his own version of reality and actively promoted conspiracy theories. He maintained that model of behavior as a candidate and a President. But the fact such conduct is coinciding with what could evolve into a major global crisis will force his staff, fellow world leaders, the media and the public to grapple with the implications…

Conversations about Trump’s fitness and mental state have percolated in Washington for months. They have been fanned by the comments of GOP Sen. Bob Corker who warned the President could spark World War III.


As reported by AllahPundit for Hot Air:

What’s the line between being, shall we say, overly credulous about dubious information that flatters your prejudices and being a little unbalanced upstairs? Watch Times reporter Maggie Haberman below say of Trump earlier today on — where else? — CNN that “something is unleashed with him lately” and that he appears “a little unmoored.”

After that spectacle on Twitter this morning, it’s hard to disagree. He does seem more frenetic and less discriminating than usual of late in attacking his favorite targets. Is it strategic, i.e. beating up on the media because he has reason to believe a damaging expose is in the works? Or is he, uh, unmoored due to the stress he’s under?

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