California Lawmakers Trying to Pull a Fast One with the 2020 Presidential Primaries

In a strange move especially as it feels like it’s still too early to talk about the 2020 Presidental election, California officials are trying to move their primary to March which is considerably early but also provides an edge to high dollar campaigns. 

Though the bill has yet been presented to Gov. Jerry Brown for consideration and has not given any indication as to whether or not he will sign it. An obvious “Anti-Trump” move but regardless it’s stupid… no matter who was up during 2020.

As reported by Kathleen Ronayne for

California lawmakers voted early Saturday to set the state’s presidential primary in March, a move that would force candidates to mount expensive campaigns earlier in the state that awards the most delegates.

The bill will go to Gov. Jerry Brown for consideration. He has not said if he will sign it.

The bill would move the presidential primary to the Tuesday after the first Monday in March — three months earlier than the June contest held in 2016, when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were already the presumptive nominees.

A March primary would likely fall on so-called “Super Tuesday,” when roughly a dozen states typically vote following the early primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and several other states.


An earlier primary, especially one held on Super Tuesday, wouldn’t mean every candidate will spend more time in the state. In 2016, for example, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia and eight other states voted that day.

And it doesn’t ensure the political relevance that California lawmakers crave. The last time California voted early — in February 2008 — the state backed Clinton, but Barack Obama went on to win the Democratic nomination and the presidency.


California may also become the first state to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns to appear on the state ballot. Lawmakers sent Brown a bill Friday requiring candidates to publicly share five years of returns; he hasn’t said if he’ll sign it.

President Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns during the 2016 sparked similar legislation in dozens of states from New Jersey to Hawaii. The documents reveal income sources, tax exemptions, charitable donations and potential financial conflicts of interest. Until Trump, every major presidential candidates has released his or hers for decades.

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