President Trump Gets Poll Numbers Back on His Handling of Hurricane Harvey

Considering how Liberals despise him and his approval rating numbers are supposedly in the low 30s/40s (which I’d still like to know when, where, and how those are done) President Trump has a good thing going in regards to how well he’s handled the Hurricane Harvey Disaster.

The man already has the weight of the world on his shoulders, and Libs attempt to block anything-Trump, even programs, proposals, and such that may benefit them. Many have even argued that he’s basically giving Congress a chance to make DACA an act of Congress, solidifying its position.

As reported by

Overall the public splits 55/29 on how Trump has handled the storm with Democrats splitting 36/51 — a net negative result, sure, but more than a third of Dems giving Trump thumbs up on anything is news. The party was primed to condemn his administration’s response to Harvey as disastrously incompetent and proof that he’s unfit for office. Instead, the feds’ reaction to Harvey rates well compared to Team Bush’s reaction to Katrina even among Democrats:

Trump-haters were itching to compare him unfavorably to Dubya, I’m sure, as the Bush administration’s response to Katrina is the modern gold standard for disaster-related political disasters, but he came through just fine. As for Trump’s personal response to the storm, he’s north of 40 percent among Dems and 60 percent among indies when people are asked whether they think he cares about the needs and problems of people affected by Harvey:

It was smart of him to make that extra trip to Texas to talk to victims there. When asked if they think the federal government is doing everything it can to respond to the storm, the public says yes, 51/29. Even Democrats are nearly evenly split at 39/43.

Don’t celebrate yet, though. Irma looks set to be a Biblical-scale catastrophe, especially if it makes landfall near Miami.

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