Another Democrat Proposes Article of Impeachment on President Trump

This is getting out of hand. Am I the only one getting sick of hearing about the attempted impeachment of President Donald Trump? They’ve got NOTHING! except their imaginary bull and their “feelings” telling them it’s right.

And just stay on it, folks. Right now they’re going to use this Comey stuff as their ammo despite the fact that it has proven Trump wasn’t under investigation, Comey leaked intelligence, and that Hillary Clinton did, in fact, break the law and he decided to do nothing about it. Maybe I’m watching another testimony?

There’s also speculation that Comey is using this for a mega-book deal! If true, well.. it explains a lot.

Anyway, when this Comey thing proves ultimately unfruitful for the liberal left, they’ll just hang their impeachment-lanterns on something out.

As Written By Hollis Poch for the Daily Caller:

California Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman circulated a proposed article of impeachment for President Donald Trump on Monday for obstructing justice in a federal investigation.

He shared his article publicly through his Twitter account and said in a Monday statement that his office has shared it with all members of the House to seek support.

The article argues that Trump sought to use his authority to interfere with investigations into possible criminal violations of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Sherman’s article claims that in order to hinder or terminate the criminal investigations, Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to cut short the Flynn investigation, and then fired Comey to relieve the pressure of the Russia……..


Rep. Sherman Circulates Article Of Impeachment For Trump | The Daily Caller

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