Stoneham Douglas Cop Resigns in Disgrace..Refused to Enter School

A Stoneham Douglas cop who was at the scene when Nikolas Cruz was shooting up the school, has resigned after being suspended for refusing to go inside and address the killer. The video shows him arriving at the scene and he took up a defensive position outside the school building. But he never went in and Cruz was allowed to keep his murder fest going. Sheriff Scott Israel said Deputy Scott Peterson should have gone inside and killed the suspect. It could have saved some lives. Israel suspended Peterson after examining the videos and talking to witnesses including Peterson himself.

From The Sun Sentinel

 Stoneman Douglas student Brandon Huff, 18, a senior, said he had seen Peterson standing outside the building and talking on his radio during the shooting.

Huff said he first learned of the shooting in a text message from his girlfriend, who said she was hiding in a corner and shots rang out.

“Two coaches went in and were shielding kids and throwing themselves in front of bullets and he did nothing.”

Peterson could not be reached for comment Thursday afternoon at his home in Boynton Beach. Neighbor Nelson Sandy said he saw Peterson leave his house around 3 p.m., driving his work vehicle and accompanied by at least two Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies driving their work vehicles.

The Sheriff’s office also reported that two officers are being investigated over their encounter with Cruz. Edward Eason and Guntis Treijs were placed on restricted assignment pending an investigatio. Eason and Treijs handled two calls about Cruz. The first one came from a caller stating that Cruz was stock piling weapons and ammunition. A year earlier in 2016 the two got a call from a witness that told the two cops that Cruz was “A school shooter in the making.”

The FBI blew it. The local police ignored it. This kid should have never had a gun and if the FBI and local police had acted, the shooting may never have happened. That is sad.

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