Highland Park Parade Massacre Suspect Captured By Police Officials

Police forces managed to catch up with and capture the person suspected of gunning down a group of six parade attendees and wounding over a dozen more in an attack against a Fourth of July event held in the suburbs of Chicago. Reportedly, they were able to force him to pull over at an intersection in a closeby area, Lake Forest, in the wake of a massive manhunt.

The suspect in question was taken into custody a five-mile distance to the north of Highland Park, where he allegedly fired shots onto the parade from a nearby rooftop. The gunshots caused chaos to erupt throughout the affluent Chicago suburb and resulted in the carnage that included multiple dozens of wounded to go along with the dead.

“This was very random, very intentional and a very sad day,” exclaimed a spokesman for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, Sgt. Christopher Covelli, as part of a press conference.

Covelli stated that the gunman seemed to have utilized a sniper position. Police forces were able to recover a high-powered hunting rifle from the scene.

As of writing, the conditions of those injured in the insane assault ranged from serious to critical. Nancy Rotering, the Mayor of Highland Park, stated the shooting has “terrorized” the 30,000+ [u[ulation of her city.

“Firearm evidence was found on the rooftop of a nearby business, police commander Chris O’Neill said. The shooter used a ladder attached to the building on a wall in an alley to access the roof, said Christopher Covelli, spokesperson for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force,” explained a report from CNN.

As reported by one source, the father of the suspect in custody is formerly a mayoral candidate for the area of Highland Park.

JB Pritzker, the Governor of Illinois, made sure to speak out to express his extreme horror at the shooting via a release sent out this past Monday.

“There are no words for the kind of monster who lies in wait and fires into a crowd of families with children celebrating a holiday with their community,” he explained in the release. “There are no words for the kind of evil that robs our neighbors of their hopes, their dreams, their futures.”

Ravinia, the world-renowned concert venue, is situated inside of Highland Park, a city that supports quite a large Jewish population and sits just about 30 miles to the north of Chicago proper.

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