Heavily Anti-Drug Sheriff Forced To Arrest Daughter Over Meth Investigation

One Florida sheriff who is well known for his extremely harsh stance on illegal drugs was forced to arrest his own child this past Monday in connection with a meth bust.

The sheriff of Franklin County, Florida, A.J. “Tony” Smith, was told about his adult daughter, Kristen Kent, alleged involvement in illegal drugs in the wake of a meth-trafficking suspect dropping her name while being questioned. This resulted in authorities setting up a “controlled buy” to purportedly catch her in the act, and immediately the 38-year-old sheriff’s daughter allegedly turned up with the drugs in question.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Smith stated to WMBB, a local news network. “The last person you ever want to arrest is one of your family members, especially your child. I mean, it’s like you can’t even put it into words. I don’t think it’s anything you wish on your worst enemy to do something like this.”

Kent has been slammed with charges of trafficking amphetamines,  possession of cocaine, and possession of drug equipment. Another woman, Bailey Adaire Lee, aged 25, was also arrested in the exact same investigation with two charges of amphetamine trafficking.

An extremely addictive stimulant that floods a user’s brain with dopamine, meth has been named the “forgotten killer” because of the increased attention given throughout the past few years because of the opioid crisis. In 2018 however, the sheriff started bringing attention to the drug with a “Don’t Meth Around Campaign,” which involves the posting of photos of the “Faces of Meth” via Facebook.

“Methamphetamine does not discriminate & neither do we. It does not matter who you are — no one is immune or exempt,” stated Smith via a Facebook post in the wake of his daughter’s arrest. “Our hearts break over the grief meth causes all — whether you use it, sell it or love someone who is involved with it. If you want to break free from this lifestyle, we want to help you.”

His daughter’s face, just like the faces of many other meth suspects to be taken into custody, was also part of the post.

Multiple hundreds of people have commented on the post from the sheriff, with even more issuing messages of support for the sheriff and their hopes for the women who were in custody.

“Prayers for both the ladies and their families. AJ Smith and all law enforcement has a tough job. Sometimes it comes down to arresting family members with the hope and prayers they will get the help they need,” stated one user.

“Praying for these young women & their families. Nothing is ever too hard for God. He will heal the broken-hearted & restore them. Thankful that help is available,” claimed another.

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