Charges Dropped Against Man Videoed Beating Elderly Vet In A Nursing Home

Charges were officially dropped that had been slammed against a man that was caught on a horrifying video roughly two years ago in which he horrendously beat a 75-year-old Army vet inside a Detroit nursing home facilitiy in which they both resided.

As seen in the horrible video from back in May of 2020, the video showed Jaden Hayden repeating hammering punches on Norman Bledsoe inside the Westwood Nursing Center and quickly went viral. Despite Bledsoe dying just a short few weeks later, his death was not ruled as a homicide. The charges against Hayden were reportedly dropped due to their claims that he is not mentally competent enough to stand trial.

“He shouldn’t be in jail,” exclaimed Marty Hayden, Hayden’s father, to WXYZ, the Detroit ABC television affiliate. “So the system will let him down again. He will not be rehabilitated.”

Hayden recorded the video of the beating via his own cell phone, reported a statement from the police. The video highlights Bledsoe covered in blood as he sits helplessly on the bed while being repeatedly slammed with punches by Hayden, who is seen repeatedly screaming, “Get the f*** off my bed!”

Staff within the nursing home facility rushed in to help Bledsoe after the fact, but Hayden claimed that the old man had fallen out of bed, read a police statement at the time. Hayden was taken into custody roughly a week later once police had gotten several reports from citizens who had seen the video making its way across social media. Hayden, who police officials stated had “set up his cell phone” in the room, had also posted the video of his attack on social media. He also stood accused of stealing the credit cards of Mr. Bledsoe as well.

One employee for the nursing home facility, Joely Pointer, stated back in early 2021 that Bledsoe was left confused and dazed in the wake of the attack which caused him to have several broken fingers, ribs, and a shattered jaw.

“He had a very large contusion to his head,” she stated. “There was blood. He was very confused and he could not give me a statement as to what happened.”

The elder Hayden puts the blame on social workers for placing his mentally ill child in a nursing home. Jaden Hayden, who has had a long history of very violent behavior, was forced to live in the group home in May of 2020 when he told his father that he has started “hearing voices,” according to statements from his father. He was admitted to the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, at which he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and sent to the nursing home to recover with no explanation.

Pointer stated to last year that the nursing home has just created a new COVID unit, and that was the reason that it had taken Hayden in.

Hayden has since been confined to a Kalamazoo Psychiatric hospital.

The Bledsoe family is also officially suing the nursing home and has hired well-known Michigan attorney Jeffrey Fieger.



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