What In The World?! Mitt Romney Backs Antifa???

Mitt Romney seemingly backed Antifa in a tweet this week when he unceremoniously stated that the alt-left were anti-racism. 

He seems to conveniently ignore some facts about the fascist nature that is Antifa and the alt-left. Or how about the Congressional Shooter? How about the fact that it’s literally their way or the highway and they have shown time and again that they will use force if necessary?

Some folks in the tTwitterverse saw this too…

No one here wants to condone these Nazis and what they stand for. But ignoring the actions of Antifa and the alt-left is a huge problem and, in part, why the nation is in the state that it’s in. A state of fake news, unverified CNN stories, anti-conservative violence, and so much more.

This is pathetic, Mitt… really pathetic.


This is due to how some people are seeing President Trump’s handling of the situation. The fact that he called out “both sides” is somehow skewed as being morally wrong… HOW?! It is “both sides” and no that doesn’t make me a White Nationalists.

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