Susie Breitbart: Remembering Andrew Breitbart [AUDIO]

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Andrew Breitbart did a lot during his lifetime.  He was an entrepreneur, conservative publisher, critic, journalist, author, and a media personality all around. He launched his first website, and it has since been used as a major news source for many media outlets including Drudge Report.

While staying in Israel, Breitbart and Larry Solov conceived the idea that started the Breitbart News Network, aiming the start of a site that would be unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel. Stating “We were sick of the anti-Israel bias of the mainstream media and J-Street.”

Solov has written:

One night in Jerusalem, when we were getting ready for dinner, Andrew turned to me and asked if I would de-partner from the 800-person law firm where I was practicing and become business partners with him. He said he needed my help to create a media company. He needed my help to “change the world.” … We were blown away by the spirit, tenacity, and resourcefulness of the Israeli people on that trip. Andrew could be quite convincing, not to mention inspiring, and I decided right there and then to “throw away” (my Mom’s phrase) a perfectly good, successful and safe career in order to start a “new media” company with Andrew Breitbart.

credit: Gage Skidmore

Ben Shapiro, who was friends with Breitbart, stated that Breitbart cared less about public policy than that people should not be lied about or bullied. Jeremy D. Boreing wrote:

He wasn’t actually very political–that is, he had almost no interest at all in policy. …

What defined and motivated Andrew was his unique ability to perceive the gross double standard that the media, the political establishment, and the pop culture employ in their war on those with whom they disagree.

What he hated were bullies.

Breitbart was married to Susannah Bean, the daughter of actor Orson Bean and fashion designer Carolyn Maxwell, and had four children.



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