Nikki Haley Tells U.N. Where They Can Stick Their Sanctions on North Korea

North Korea THINKS they know what they’re doing but they don’t. They clearly don’t know the sort of hell we would bring to their stain of a country… And yet they persist on developing nukes and testing their capabilities meanwhile most of their country is starving…

What do you think we should do about Kim Jung-un? Well… Nikki Haley says “The time for talk is over.”

As reported by Breitbart:

North Korea’s launch of a second intercontinental ballistic missile Friday—a missile some believe has the potential to reach U.S. cities—led to speculation that the U.S. would go to the U.N. to seek an emergency session and a resolution to put more pressure on the rogue state. CBS News reported Saturday that the U.S. was seeking an emergency session on Monday, but Haley shot down such reporting as “mistaken.”

“There is no point in having an emergency session if it produces nothing of consequence,” Haley said, before noting that North Korea is already the target of a number of Security Council resolutions which, she said, “they violate with impunity.”

She also indicated that there was no point in a resolution that didn’t ramp up the pressure—something China would be likely to veto.

“An additional Security Council resolution that does not significantly increase the international pressure on North Korea is of no value,” she said. “In fact, it is worse than nothing, because it sends the message to the North Korean dictator that the international community is unwilling to seriously challenge him.”

Instead, she said the ball was now in China’s court. “China must decide whether it is finally willing to take this vital step. The time for talk is over,” she said.

Haley’s statement comes a day after President Trump took aim at China over its weak stance on North Korea, accusing the Chinese of being “just talk”: