Guess Who CNN Trots Out to Lecture About Political Civility? [Video]

CNN’s Brian Stelter wanted to have a good discussion about civility in the media and Sally Kohn, as she often does, decided to have an uncivil attack against her political opponents.

Pretty typical stuff of Sally Kohn…

As Written By Nicholas Fondacaro for Newsbusters:

In the wake of the attack on a Congressional Republican baseball practice that put Congressman Steve Scalise and others in the hospital, there had been a collective call from politicos to elevate their rhetoric. During CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, host Brian Stelter wanted to have the discussion about civility in the media. But the seriousness of such a discussion was discredited by the presence of CNN Commentator Sally Kohn, who has a long history of uncivil attacks against her political opponents.

“After those calls for unity, the interviews of congressional leaders on CNN, we heard a lot more of the same kind of partisanship and polarization on talk radio and social media, people blaming the other side for what had happened,” bemoaned Stelter at the start of the segment.

Kohn stated that she found it “interesting” how both sides only come together after something terrible happens, and asked: “Why don’t we do that before shots are fired or before we cross the line? Why don’t we realize…” “We have a hate problem in our country. We have a problem of dehumanizing, attacking, otherizing the other side far too much,” she added. “We can argue, we can disagree, we can do so in a civil way without demeaning and debasing ……


Stelter Brings on Uncivil Sally Kohn to Lecture About Political Civility

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