Gohmert Speaks Up On The Border Wall

Lou Dobbs had Congressman Gohmert on his program to discuss a large array of topics including such as tax reform, President Trump’s dinner with Democratic leaders and border security.

Stating, “We do have a lot of people who don’t want one [a wall]. We were just voting in the House and really, Lou, I was just sitting there, we had 23 votes and most of the Democratic amendments to the appropriation bill passed. And, it seemed most of the Republican’s [amendments] did not.”

He continued, “I’m asking people around me, what’s going on here. is this some parallel universe? We are supposed to be the majority and supposed to be getting these things done. We have got to get a wall done. It doesn’t have to be everywhere, but we have got to get that done. Some of us are not giving up.”

As reported by CNS News:

House Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), an Army veteran and former chief justice of the 12th Court of Appeals, said “some of the Republican leaders” in Congress are allies with obstructionist Democrats who do not want the U.S.-Mexico border wall funded, and they are trying to stop President Donald Trump because they fear if he gets the economy growing “like Reagan did,” he will be “unstoppable.”


Referencing Trump’s Aug. 22 speech in Phoenix, Ariz., Gohmert said, “I had a problem with one thing in the Trump speech, and that was when he said, ‘Now, the obstructionist Democrats would like us not to do it,’ build that wall.’ And I’m going, ‘What about some of the Republican leaders that are right there with the obstructionist Democrats?’ [Trump] was being so nice, I thought, last night.”


Trump has threatened to not sign off on federal funding at the end of September if the border wall money is not allocated, which could lead to a government shut down.

Rep. Gohmert said, “I think that some of these guys — in the Senate Republicans, I mean — may welcome the president taking that position, thinking, ‘Aha! If the president is admittedly causing the shutdown, then we can join the Democrats and blame the president, and then McConnell’s prediction [Trump] won’t be around that much longer will come true.'”