Far Cry 5 Will Have Gamers Murdering Christians at Militia Compound

Video games have long been accused of being far too violent for the youth of our nation, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this.

The forthcoming “Far Cry 5” is not just your average violent video game.  Sure, there are the expected gaming tropes to be had:  Guns, fights, explosions, bad guys, etc.  Video games these days rely on these themes to pack more excitement into every successive product.  The difference with Far Cry 5, however, is that the main objective looks to be the eradication of a Christian military compound somewhere in the wilds of Montana.

Now, it’s not bad enough that they’ve taken what appears to be the conservative Christian lifestyle and procured a heaping dose of cultish ritual to the entire clan, but they’ve chosen to done so at a time in which Christians are being persecuted, and executed, more than any other single religious sect worldwide.

As Ramadan began this week, Egypt was the scene of an unfathomable tragedy in which 28 Coptic Christians were shot and killed by radical Islamic terrorists.  This, only months after a Saint Petersburg, Russia train bombing spree that ISIS claimed was targeting “worshipers of the Cross”.

Is Far Cry 5’s purported storyline going too far?  We will have to wait until the game’s release to know for sure.  All we know now is that our nation’s youth will soon be virtually unloading a hail of gunfire at God fearing men of a conservative nature.  Isn’t that enough?


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