Senator Cruz Lays the SMACKDOWN on Chris Christie and It’s Pretty Epic

Failed Presidental Hopeful and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took a rather cheap shot at our boy Ted Cruz, riding the small wave that appeared a few weeks back on how Cruz voted against Hurricane Sandy funding in 2012… though Cruz set the media straight on this I guess Christie didn’t get the message.

“Sen. Cruz was playing politics in 2012, trying to make himself look like the biggest conservative in the world,” Christie told CNN. “And what I said at the time, both to him and everybody else, was if you represent a coastal state, don’t do this because your day is going to come and you’re going to expect people to help you.”

“The truly disgraceful part of what we just saw was that he’s not telling the truth standing in a recovery center where people are suffering,” Christie boasted to MSNBC.

Ted Cruz fired back… pretty epically, too, if we may say so.

In an interview on Wednesday, Mr. Cruz said he was “quite confident that nobody in Texas gives a flip what Chris Christie has to say.”

“And it seems not many people in New Jersey do either,” he added, appearing to allude to Mr. Christie’s anemic approval ratings. “Chris should go back to the beach.”

As reported by The Daily Wire:

Ouch. Need some ice for that burn, Chris?

Cruz, of course, is referring to Christie getting slammed for hanging out at a public beach after shutting down public beaches for three days, which resulted in a meme that will live forever in the bowels of internet hilarity. That meme will be Christie’s legacy and forever prevent from him being taken seriously.

Christie shouldn’t be telling lies about Cruz, as he just got owned for doing so. He and Deadspinare clear examples of why you shouldn’t be lobbing cheap shots at Cruz.

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