Women’s Marcher Grabs InfoWars Reporter’s Genitals…Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

A male reporter, Owen Shroyer, was conducting interviews during the Women’s March in Washington DC when a 21-year-old girl, Isabel O’Shaughnessy made her way through the crowd and grabbed Shroyer’s genitals.

She was arrested for her actions, then released until her next court date in March. I thought women were against sexual assault. So, now we know the Women’s March is about committing sexual assault and hating Israel with a passion.

In other words, the Women’s March is just another leftist organization masquerading as an advocacy group. The speakers started off by denying they were anti-Semites and then proceeded to push the BDS movement against Israel.

From The Conservative Tribune

“Isabel O’Shaughnessy, 21, was charged with misdemeanor sex abuse, and a police spokesman said she surrendered Wednesday. A Superior Court judge released her pending her next court appearance March 14,” reported The Washington Post.

In a video that has since gone viral online, a reporter for the conspiracy site Infowars named Owen Shroyer was conducting a man-on-the-street interview when the feminist protester grabbed him by the genitals.

“I just grabbed you by the (genitals),” the woman can be heard proudly declaring on camera. Shroyer maintained his cool but quickly addressed what happened.

“She just grabbed my (genitals), is that sexual assault?” he asked. “Yes,” O’Shaughnessy readily confirmed into the microphone.

“You just sexually assaulted me,” Shroyer continued.

“I did assault you,” the feminist again confirmed in a smug tone. “Arrest me.”

Well, she got her wish and I hope she has to register as a sex offender. Do you think justice was done? #MeToo

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