Wikileaks Calls Out Cohen For Lying About Trump

Michael Cohen said that he heard Roger Stone tell Donald Trump that he spoke to Julian Assange and that emails would be released in a few days. How many people knew that? Several million at least. In March, Wikileaks teased about the emails and then again in July of 2016, Wikileaks once again said they were about to release emails.

But in their tweet, they were releasing almost twice as many about Trump as about Hillary. So, it was no deep dark secret and anyone who monitors Wikileaks knew about it. Wikileaks also denied for the 300th time that Julian Assange has never spoken to Roger Stone on the phone or in person.

From The Gateway Pundit

Mr. Cohen told the committee that President Trump knew about the Hillary Clinton email dump in advance.

Michael Cohen: “Mr. Trump knew from Roger Stone in advance about the Wikileaks drop of emails.”

Of course, this was another lie by Michael Cohen.
Later today Wikileaks, once again, called out Cohen for lying under oath.

Wikileaks: Donald Trump’s estranged lawyer, Michael Cohen, who has been sentenced to three years in prison for lying to the FBI, will testify today before Congress that Trump knew about the Wikileaks release in July 2016 during a call with Roger Stone.

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