WHOA! Corey Haim’s Mom Calls Out Feldman In Wake Of Accusations!

Judy Haim, the mother of the late actor Corey Haim, tore into Corey Feldman, calling him “a scam artist” in the wake of his attempt to raise $10 million on IndieGoGo.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she stated: ‘He’s been talking about revealing the names of his and other abusers for seven years since my son died.’

She continued, ‘Now he wants $10 million to do it? Come on … if he was serious about this, he’d share the information he has with the police.’

As reported by Daily Mail:

The two have a difference of opinion over what happened to Corey Haim in regards to being molested, as Feldman says it was a repeated occurrence with many predators involved, while Judy believes that her son was molested once by a man, and that there is not an inherent epidemic of pedophilia in Hollywood.

Feldman has no intention of emerging with names, Judy told the publication, and his financially-fueled efforts undermine the experiences of people who were preyed upon by pedophiles.

‘It’s disrespectful to sexual assault survivors and their loved ones in and out of the industry to get their hopes up about uncovering a massive conspiracy because he will not name names – ever,’ she said. ‘And if these people really are out there, and potentially a danger, why wouldn’t he want to name them right now?’

Feldman answered back to Haim’s shots via his Twitter account Saturday, calling her ‘a bad woman who vehemently protects evil’ and has created distractions to offset ‘the feelings of true guilt she must bare!’

Feldman explained his expenses behind the campaign in saying, ‘I will make the film, I’ll direct the film, I’ll produce the film and I will self-distribute it to guarantee that it gets a theatrical release with your donations. Additionally, it will help me buy the security and the legal team that I need to protect my family until the project is released.’

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