What Bill Maher Says About The Anonymous Kavanaugh Letter Is What Every Leftist Needs To Hear

Bill Maher decided to take on the whole Kavanaugh debacle during a recent episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” wherein an anonymous letter has accused the SCOTUS-hopeful Judge of sexual misconduct. Maher expressed his disdain for the Trump SCOTUS pick while acknowledging the fact that the last-minute Hail Mary attempt doesn’t look good.

“What do you think of this Brett Kavanaugh thing where suddenly right before he’s gonna get the vote — and he’s the ultimate suck-up and dick Brett Kavanaugh — [laughter from audience] well, he is,” said Maher. “I mean, he’s only there because he’s gonna, you know, vote with pardoning Trump, basically letting him off the hook.”

“But now they’re coming at him with this accusation from someone anonymous who said that he was at a party — which I find hard to believe — in high school,” continued the “Real Time” host.

During a back and forth with former White House adviser Richard Clarke, Maher said, “That [allegedly drinking] doesn’t excuse it, but sexual assault in high school from an anonymous source — I think it makes us look bad.”

“It’s not going to stop him,” noted Clarke. “He’ll get in. It’s sad, but he will get in. We need all to pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

Sometimes I think Bill Maher is a guy who GETS IT. I may not always agree with everything he says but compared to some of the other left-leaning celebrities out there, he at least seems to have a sense of conscious or understanding on some right-side matters when it comes down to the brass. Don’t get me wrong… and again… I for sure do not agree with him often lol.

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