Weinstein’s Week Of “Intense Therapy Sessions” Was Magical

Harvey Weinstein has been released from in-patient care after some “intense sex therapy sessions” and left over the weekend. A full week of therapy and he’s CURED!

That’s the narrative he’s trying to feed the mainstream media.

With his permission, the psychologist treating him released a statement which stated: “Harvey has been ‘dealing with his anger, his attitude toward others, boundary work and the beginnings of work on empathy,” in which he opted for in-patient care.

Does he not realize that this has gone too far? Too many now-powerful Hollywood types have called him out on it. Besides the legal implications he now faces, he may as well consider his career in Hollywood done.

There’s nothing left to fight for. No one in the industry is going to be stupid enough to touch you for at least a decade.

The allegations have slowly but surely began a snowball effect in the industry with many elite types getting called out. I feel, though, that behind the curtain of Hollyweird, they’re already working on an angle to stop these “call outs” as it seems to really be dying down. Sure, I know that more people have been naming names but it’s darn near stopped.

As reported by Emily Zanotti for The Daily Wire:

The doctor did not confirm reports that Weinstein had taken his treatment so seriously that he reportedly fell asleep in groups sessions and joked through therapy.

So after just one week, Harvey Weinstein is clearly a new man. He’ll spend the next three weeks or so lounging in the resort town of Scottsdale, Arizona, while he continues his outpatient therapy and works to rehabilitate his public image. He’s also planning to return to work; the Weinstein Company has its monthly board meeting on Monday, and both Weinstein and his lawyer are expected to attend remotely.

Rumor has it, the first order of business, however, is to boot Weinstein from the company.

At least one thing about Weinstein may have changed during his treatment: he and his publicist have become more aggressive in pushing back on public claims that Weinstein regularly exhibited disreputable behavior.