Trump / Kanye vs Omarosa and the Media and the NAACP

In the latest Rasmussen poll, 36% of blacks approve of the way Donald Trump is running the country, despite an onslaught of negative fake information from those three entities. Omarosa is already petering out even as her best friend is calling her a liar.

So is almost everyone else including such liberals as April Ryan. Ryan tweeted that Omarosa needs to lawyer up and to never mention her name again after discovering Omarosa used her name to spread a lie from her book. The NAACP conducted their own poll and they say only 21% approve of the president. If you consider that President Trump only got 8% of the black vote in 2016, even 21% is 2 1/2 times more than a year and a half ago.

From The Gateway Pundit

Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP stated, “Our analysis shows President Trump’s racism is a major factor in both why and how people will vote in the midterm elections. The poll confirms how Trump’s racism has not only divided the nation and polluted policy, but also serves as a key factor in motivating voters of color to disrupt politics as usual on a national scale.” The NAACP false narrative continues on claiming that African American celebrity support plays no role in Trump’s rising approval rate, but actually lowers it.

This divergent NAACP approval poll along with the corresponding narrative appear to be a classic voter suppression tactic. The suppression poll strategy is a disinformation tactic that was heavily promulgated by the majority of the left-leaning print and cable news agencies during the 2016 Presidential Election in what was a failed attempt to discourage Trump supporters from voting.

A lot of credit for Trump’s surging poll numbers can be attributed to the endorsement by Kanye West and his continued support. The liberals tried to shut West down by starting a boycott against West’s newest album. That boycott fell apart and the album went to number one in 73 countries, including this one.