Steven Crowder vs The Protester Who “Wants A Piece Of Him” – Not What He Expected!

Conservative pundit, Steven Crowder, read an Antifa snowflake wrote he wanted a piece of Crowder, who then set out to locate and confront the punk. But like all liberal keyboard warriors, his mouth keeps writing checks that his arse can’t cash.

The closest he came to Crowder was throwing a drink at Crowder. How ladylike of him. Then the coward left, with Crowder following him. Giving him every chance to “get a piece of him”. Let’s face it, without a mask and a bike lock, these rear holes are helpless.

From The Washington Times

An Antifa activist known as “Slytherin” recently got more than he bargained for when his violent fantasy to meet CRTV’s Steven Crowder came true.

Beer went flying through the air and a police report was filed in Dallas after the “Louder with Crowder” host tracked down the man whose online rhetoric includes “punching Nazis” and the desire to kill “every member of ICE.”

Mr. Crowder and his crew originally planned to confront the man during a planned protest against white supremacy. The event was scrapped due to weather, but he was able to anonymously set up a meeting at a local beer garden.

“Your wish is my command,” the comedian, dressed as a genie, said during the confrontation published Tuesday on YouTube.

“S—! Go f— yourself, you piece of s—,” the man said while throwing his beer in Mr. Crowder’s face.

The real reason that snowflake wouldn’t engage Crowder is that they only attack when they have a 10 to 1 advantage. Even then it doesn’t always work out for them.

We hope Steven Crowder is taking every precaution he can when dealing with these people. We’ve all seen just how far they will go when it comes to their nonsense. It’s entertaining, though, no doubt.