Scott Adams, Dilbert Creator: If Trump Goes Down, Hillary Goes to Prison

Scott Adams (the man who created the cartoon, Dilbert) is a die-hard conservative. He gave his take on the current Democratic rush to drive Trump from office. He believes President Trump has committed no crimes but the Deep State and media could get him anyway.

Also, if that should happen, Trump could start firing people and replace them with people who will do their jobs. He can release all of the redacted documents before Congress could even begin to act. Under that scenario, Adams says Hillary would go to prison.

From Breitbart News

The goal, he said, was to make sure prosecutors understood there was a “red line” they could not cross — because doing so would trigger Sessions’s replacement with a prosecutor who would take down Trump’s enemies:

Let me ask you this — and I’ve not seen any reporting on this: what would happen if they actually got the president on something serious? Well, between the time the president knew he was going down — and this is hypothetical, let’s imagine that they found something in his business or something that was problematic — he would have a number of months of being in power before he was technically out of office. What would he do? Well, I think he would employ “mutually assured destruction” — not of the world, but of Hillary Clinton.

It seems to me he’s setting up the situation to make it clear that if he goes down, he’s going to have plenty of time to take Hillary down. And here’s how he’d do it. Fire Jeff Sessions — and there’s tons of political blowback, but who cares? Because this would be the point where it doesn’t matter anymore. He has nothing to lose. He’s going to fire Jeff Sessions, he’s going to put somebody in — if he can get them approved — who will do nothing but take Hillary down. So it seems to me by threatening Jeff Sessions but not moving on it, he’s sending the clearest message possible that if the deep state takes him out, he’s going to take Hillary out.

He can appoint a temporary replacement while the Senate acts on confirming his nominee. And he can replace federal Attorneys with no advise and consent.