Russian Foreign Minister Puts WaPo’s Carol Morello In Her Place, Says She Has Bad Manners.

screenshot from youtube video

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dropped a hard truth bomb on The Washington Post’s Carol Morello even saying “who taught you manners!” And the look on The look on Rex Tillerson’s face, PRICELESS!

The Foreign Minister questioned Morello and her upbringing because she was shouting questions to Rex Tillerson who had traveled to Russia on behalf of the Trump administration.

“How confident are you, Mr. Secretary…,” Morello shouted, just as a sit-down meeting was beginning. Before she could finish her question, Lavrov pounced.

“Who was bringing you up?” he asked in reference to how Morello was raised. “Who was giving you your manners?” Lavrov added, grinning.

When this originally hit the circles, it was wrongly believed that NBC’s Andrea Mitchell was the one at fault. She corrected everyone by saying: “My colleague Carol Morello was the brave journalist who started asking questions. Lavrov was looking right at her. I was on the opposite side of the room, behind him, out of sight. Perhaps I was a convenient foil, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t his target,” she said.

From The Hill: The remarks came during Tillerson’s first visit to Russia since becoming President Trump’s secretary of State and amid growing tension between the U.S. and Russia over Syrian President Bashar Assad’s recent actions during his nation’s ongoing civil war.

Mitchell was escorted from a State Department press conference in March after repeatedly trying to question Tillerson about China and Russia.

“You should not be flying into Beijing without a press corps. You should not be going to Moscow without the press corps. It’s wrong.”

In that incident, Mitchell shouted a question about China and South Korea during a photo opportunity between the two men.

She then shouted a question at the Ukrainian foreign minister about the Trump administration and was shouting a question about Vladimir Putin while she was ushered away.