RINO McCain Featured Post-Mortem In Conspiracy Film About Donald Trump

John Mccain, the lifelong RINO will appear in an Anti-Trump conspiracy film that will be in movie houses within a week of McCain’s death. The film is going to cover the now totally debunked conspiracy theory that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. The FBI and now dirty cop Robert Mueller have spent over 24 million dollars and spent 26 months trying to prove collusion to no avail.

But, during the investigation by Congress, we now know the only person in Washington without close ties to Russia is Trump. Hillary, Mueller, the Ohrs, John Podesta and a cast of a hundred Democrats all have ties to Russia. Not only that, but we have learned that the Chinese hacked Hillary’s server and have a complete set of her emails starting in 2015.

The Daily Mail reported:

Senator John McCain appears in an upcoming documentary filmed before his death warning the United States about president Donald Trump and his ties to Russia.

In a clip of Jack Bryan’s Active Matters, McCain joins Hillary Clinton, Yahoo News chief investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff and others as they discuss Trump, the 2016 presidential election and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The documentary debuts in theaters on August 31, less than a week after McCain died from brain cancer.

‘The fact that there was an attack on the fundamental—the absolute fundamental—a free and fair election, should alarm all of us,’ McCain says in a clip obtained by The Daily Beast.

McCain is referring to numerous reports alleging that the Russian government meddled in the 2016 election, something Putin denies. Special counsel Robert Mueller has spent the past few months investigating the alleged collusion.

Isikoff appears in the film saying that possible Russian involvement ‘spooked officials in the White House’.

‘And that’s the moment, I think, that the enormity of the Russian influence campaign really started to hit home,’ he added.

Clinton added: ‘People were seeing this dangerous, troubling activity coming from the Russians that was actually in our electoral system.’

McCain gives Trump and his supporters a thumbs down after his death.

If McCain wants that thumb to be pointed at the president and his supporters, it would have to be pointed up.