Do You Remember How Corey Feldman Was Treated When He Told Barbara Walters About Hollywood Pedophilia?

Corey Feldman has pretty much spent his adult life trying to get people to recognize certain key Hollywood elite, still working in the industry, disgusting pedophiliac behavior…

And Barbra Walters literally told him he was damaging an entire industry because of it.

Watch the freaking video at the bottom… you can see the moment that Walters is like UPSET by what he’s saying as if he were lying or something.

Feldman points the finger at such acts again he and his best friend, Corey Haim, for a large reason of their descent into a life of drugs, trying to numb the pain. And while the stories coming out aren’t about pedophiliacs, I truly feel it’s just one step closer to the big reveal of it, as in something insane, major, and groundbreaking.

Check out the video and tell us what you think!

As reported by Chase Stephens for The Daily Wire:

The clip begins as a defensive Feldman tells the hosts that, “There are people that were the people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working, they’re still out there, and that are some of the richest most powerful people in this business. And they do not want me saying what I am saying right now.”

What he is saying, or at least trying to explain, to Barbara Walters is that he and his best friend Corey Haim, another famous ’80s child star, were both sexually abused by powerful men in Hollywood. Feldman believes that the abuse was a factor in Haim’s drug addiction and untimely death in 2010.

But Walters didn’t seem to want to hear it. She responds, “Are you saying they are pedophiles and that they are still in this business,” to which Feldman nods and says, “Yes.”

Feldman adds, “They don’t want me here right now. They want me dead.”

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