Rapper “Cash Bently” Harasses Two Kids Wearing MAGA Hats [VIDEO]

The left is deranged and violent and many of them should be behind bars and would be if not for liberal DA’s who refuse to charge anyone who commits violence against conservatives and judges who refuse to do anything with those the DAs do charge.

Then you have nimrods like this Bently guy, who thinks it’s cool to bully young boys. And over a hat? If he wants to hate racism, why isn’t he knocking on the DNC’s door? They have a 200-year history of it. Under President Trump, Blacks have reached a record unemployment rate and the difference in the rates of Blacks and Whites are the lowest they’ve ever been.

Poverty, too.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Friday rapper Cash Bently threatened two little white boys at a McDonald’s wearing MAGA hats.

Democrats today in the media and television are encouraging their supporters to abuse Trump supporters.
So we are seeing more and more of this coming from the left.

Of course, the fake news liberal media NEVER reports on these horrific incidents of violence.

Cash Bently approached the young teenagers and threatened them, “Look at these ni**ers with the f**king hat on. Let me see your hat. Let me see your hat. You and you is bitches. I like to knock the f*ck out right now. Look at your f**king hat man you is retarded.

Meanwhile, across town on Friday Catholic schoolboys were approached and harassed by a Native American protester who then ran to the media and lied about the boys chanting build the wall in his face. The videos show the man harassing the children.

Now the fake news liberal media is lying about the incident and putting the boys’ lives in danger.

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