Proof You Can’t Do Anything Anymore Without Being Called a Racist, Just Ask Serena Williams

World famous tennis player Serena Williams is being scolded by the Liberal Left for her baby shower theme… the 1950’s. According to The Washington Post, she’s basically set the civil rights movement back 50 years because of it…

Williams is expecting her first child very soon (good for her!) and decided on a 1950’s theme baby shower. And over the weekend she invited friends, family, and even A-listers to the event and they pulled out all the stops! Classic cars, a juke box and, of course, poodle skirts.

It actually looked pretty darn good. I enjoy the style of the era and honestly it helped me connect with someone I never thought I would have connected with before (seeing as how I’m not all that into tennis). But… first world, 3rd wave, feminists quickly put on their keyboard warrior uniforms and took to the internet to completely dismiss and ruin what seemed like a good time for Serena and her friends.

Why? That’s simple… because of the bigotry and sexism they associate with the era. How about that?

As Karen Dunak penned to the Washington Post:

By glorifying 1950s culture in the political climate in which we live, these women, who assuredly would not want to return to Jim Crow-era Florida, unwittingly reinforced a dangerous nostalgia that obscures the era’s harsh historical realities. Although the 1950s were great for white, heterosexual Americans, for people of color and sexual minorities it was a time of racial violence and pervasive sexism and bigotry.

We literally cannot breathe these days without offending a snowflake…

But it gets weirder. Dunak even went as far as saying that by wearing these skirts and posing with the cars that they reaffirm Donald Trump’s presidency… promoting it, in fact.

She even called what they did “appropriating an era” — HA, SERIOUSLY?!

There is something to be said for them appropriating an era, laying claim to the enjoyment of the lighter side of a time when many women, and especially women of color, experienced incredible discrimination and unbearable hardship. And in embracing the aesthetic of the 1950s while clearly living as modern, empowered women, they are making an unspoken but marked point about how things have changed.

Feminists like this is exactly what’s wrong with the movement. And she writes of it as if she has first hand experience. It’s nothing if not disillusion lens of hindsight with many assumptions made of the era.

The rise in this cultural craving to return to the 1950s came from people dismayed by the political changes roiling society and the movements laboring to reimagine its cultural mores and hierarchies. Then, as now, the nostalgia came from those who had long been at the top of the pyramid — socially, economically, politically — and found themselves no longer certain about the world or their place in it. The disorienting effects of the Vietnam War, deindustrialization, Watergate, the sexual revolution, the energy crisis, women demanding equality and persistent racial unrest only served to make an idealized image of the fifties that much more desirable.

You can’t do anything without offending the alt-left any more. Anything and everything is some sort of appropriation, usually based on the false idea that “whites have no culture”. And this is a perfect example. The event was attended by many celebrities, most of whom are pretty left… whatever will they think of her article?

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