President Trump Has Got ESPN So Confused They Think They Are CNN

President Trump’s remarks over the so-called NFL “protests” has changed the way ESPN is reporting SPORTS on their show… they seem to think they’re not CNN… at least they act like it.

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith made some interesting remarks of his own in regards to Trump’s ‘attack”, saying that they were part of a “grand scheme”.

“I personally believe Donald Trump has a grand scheme, I think his aspiration is to own a network when this is all said and done and make sure he has his strong-arm of influence,” Smith said. “That is a different story for a different day.” He also compared Trump’s response to the national anthem protests to the comments he made on violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

“This is not about politics at all. This is about one man, one individual who continuously displays just a lack of decorum and respect and is as divisive as they come,” Smith said, before applauding LeBron James and other athletes who have criticized the president.

Then ESPN commentator and former NFL safety Louis Riddick decided to respond in kind…

“Sure, because the players felt attacked and disrespected. The players are like, you are going there name calling because we are trying to protest against something we have a right and freedom to protest against peacefully, and you make it personal and use derogatory names and paint us all with a derogatory brush?” Riddick said.

“[Trump] is what they were protesting yesterday in and of itself, and spurred on the spike [in protests]. But I think the players in general, African-Americans in general, minorities in general, still have a bigger picture in mind. There is something bigger they are after. They are after equality and fair treatment but we can’t get there because all we keep talking about is, ‘should you had stand or shouldn’t you stand,’” he complained.

So here are some videos where they think they’re CNN lol

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