Police Have a Video of Kevin Spacey Sexually Assaulting One of His Victims

Kevin Spacey was rocked last year by allegations that he sexually assaulted several men, including one that was just fourteen years old at the time.

One of the men is from Nantucket, Massachusetts. (Nantucket is an Indian name, meaning a faraway place and for many years was the hub of whale fishing in the United States) The man claimed that Spacey was buying him drinks and was touching him in the groin area. He sent a text about it to his girlfriend, who didn’t believe him, so he shot a video of the touching and sent it to her.

Normally any video sent by Snapchat disappears after a time, but there are ways to save them and she did. It is now in the possession of the police.

CBS News reported:

The man who accused Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him in Nantucket in 2016 apparently captured at least some of the alleged incident on video, Massachusetts state police said Wednesday. According to the statement from police, the victim said “his girlfriend didn’t believe him,” so he “Snapchatted the video” of Spacey allegedly touching him.

The Cape and Island District Attorney on Monday filed sexual assault charges against Spacey for the July 2016 incident. Spacey will be arraigned at Nantucket District Court Jan. 7.

The police documents released Wednesday include statements from the accuser, his girlfriend, a roommate, the bartender at the Nantucket the night the alleged incident occurred and more. The alleged victim accuses Spacey of giving him drinks, and then Spacey allegedly “continued the touching through the top of [his] pants.”

The alleged victim’s girlfriend told police she didn’t believe him when he texted her that Spacey was hitting on him. She told police she then received a Snapchat video “showing Spacey touching the front of [his] pants by the crotch.”

Snapchat videos usually delete after they are viewed but there are ways to save them.

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