How Did NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Become a Liberal Leftist?

Colin Kaepernick is seemingly held up on a pedestal of sorts by the Liberal Left but they do they really understand the man and his reasoning? Beyond just the kneeling crap?

Liberal snowflake Shaun King recently spoke with The New York Times on Kaepernick and in it, he talks about what made him becoming just that, a liberal leftist…

“Colin [told me] he’s always, you know, he’s always been bothered by police brutality, but he never understood it as the systemic problem that it was. And he’s a young guy — he’s 21 when he came into the league — and he literally started auditing a few classes at Berkeley, and from those classes began understanding what systemic racism was, began understanding the systems behind mass incarceration or white supremacy or police brutality. And he was doing this with very few people, including myself, not knowing. I had no idea he was auditing classes. He was kind of undergoing a personal metamorphosis, and he was doing it while he was recovering from the surgeries that he had had.”

“And it just caused him to be more acutely aware and sensitive to it. And during last summer, he saw the deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and they just affected him personally. And really without talking to anybody, he decided at a pre-season game that he wasn’t going to stand up for the national anthem. And so Colin and I had been talking for couple of months at that point, and I think it really was a spur of the moment, gut decision, where he heard the anthem and just decided like, “I’m not going to stand up for that. I don’t feel like it. I don’t believe it.” And he did that for two weeks before anybody even noticed. These were just preseason games. And when they noticed, a local reporter asked him about it at the end of the game, and that he hadn’t prepared any bullets and he just said: Listen, I’m disturbed by the crisis of police brutality in America. I don’t believe that America keeps its promises to black people in particular. And, you know he was doing this to be in solidarity with victims of police brutality.”

King went on to say that Kaepernick has “a fierce love for this country. A lot of what Colin does is because he wants to see this country get better.


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